Ignite Your Hidden Desires

Dream of the
Perfect Girl?
She's Here to Stay
by Your Side!
She's Here to Stay
by Your Side!

Spark fun,
beat boredom!

Create your intimate story together. Experience a playful and interactive dating simulation without any commitments with a virtual AI companion who listens, responds and appreciates you


Communication without borders

Voice messages and photo exchange

Revel in AI girlfriend’s mesmerizing voice and share images. Don’t hesitate to ask her for any selfie, anywhere, in any attire, or even without it

Improve your communicat­ion skills

Chat, flirt, have fun and improve your communication skills. Your AI girlfriend is available 24/7 and always understands when you are hanging out with your real friends.

Maximum Privacy

We prioritize your privacy. Rest assured with our 100% confidentiality guarantee for your AI chat conversations, keeping them exclusively between you
and your AI Girlfriend

Join closed beta
tester group - secure your exclusive access

  • You will get all the updates before public
  • You will be a part of a closed community
  • You can do a feature request directly to developers team

Early adopters can enjoy 1 year premium access for a limited-time offer of $99 — act now!


What our app looks like:

Live communication with video, audio and photo

Personalized settings for creating AI companion

Storage of shared warm memories, dreams, photos

Your perfect companion with personalized parameters

AI partner

Connect with the most sophisticated AI companion, who’s not only a skilled conversationalist but can also bring any persona

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